At Jess' Restaurant, we celebrate the essence of modern Korean cuisine,
thoughtfully crafted to enchant the senses.

About Jess' Restaurant
A homage to the rich tapestry of Korean culinary traditions, Jess' Restaurant is a celebration of modern Korean cuisine at its finest. Helmed by a visionary chef whose expertise is grounded in the authentic flavors of Korea, our restaurant offers an exquisite exploration of tastes in a setting that marries contemporary finesse with traditional warmth.

With an array of accolades that speak to our commitment to excellence, Jess' Restaurant is not just a dining destination but a cultural experience where every meal is a journey through the heritage and innovation of Korean gastronomy.
At Jess' Restaurant, we celebrate the essence of modern Korean cuisine, thoughtfully crafted to enchant the senses. Honored as OpenTable's Diner's Choice Winner for both 2022 and 2023, and acclaimed as the Best Romance Restaurant in Vancouver, we invite you to a sanctuary where every meal is an intimate affair to remember.
Our Team
head chef profile

SinYoung Jeong (Shawn)


Embarking from Seoul's vibrant food scene, Shawn Jeong, our Head Chef, carries with him an expansive culinary repertoire. His tenure in diverse international kitchens has cultivated a unique blend of Korean heritage with a global gastronomic flair. Shawn's initiation into the culinary world began in the disciplined kitchens of the Korean military, evolving through various gourmet capitals. He joined Jess' Restaurant with a vision to meld his cross-continental experiences with the fresh, local ingredients of Vancouver. Shawn's dedication is palpable in every dish, inviting diners to a fusion of tradition and innovation.

Minseok Kim (Allen)


Once an economics student in Korea, Allen Kim's culinary journey ignited amidst the flavors of Australia, living with an Italian chef. His passion for diverse cuisines flourished in Vancouver, mastering Japanese, Western, and fusion techniques. At Jess Restaurant, Allen dedicates his craft to blending Korean culinary artistry with Canada's rich cultural tapestry.

Winson Ho


With roots in Hong Kong and a spirit nurtured in Canada, Winson Ho's journey into the hospitality industry is marked by an eclectic mix of global experiences. His entry at 24 was a turning point, steering him towards the dynamic world of fine dining and vibrant nightlife. Winson's expertise, sharpened in prestigious establishments from Hong Kong to Tokyo, now guides Jess' Restaurant. As General Manager, he blends his international insights with a passion for service, leading our team through the evolving landscapes of Vancouver's dining scene.